Eloise and Rose

Two of our recent rescues, Eloise (pictured left) and Rose Marie (pictured right) exhibit the constant need for horse rescue; and their forgiving nature once a safe landing is provided.

Eloise is the first mammoth donkey taken in by Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue. She is beautiful – a cross between a Thoroughbred and a donkey. Eloise was well-loved for 14 years by her owner, a woman who is lower-income and well into her 60’s. But in the fall of 2020, Eloise ate red maple leaves, which are toxic to equines. This required weekly veterinarian visits to help her get well again. But after many weeks, Eloise’s owner could not keep up with the expense of her care. She called Hope’s Legacy to surrender Eloise. Her owner was heartbroken to part with this beautiful animal, but she knew it was best for both of them. Eloise delighted our volunteers while she was at Hope’s Legacy. A gentle, willing partner, she was adopted in January 2021 to a new loving home.

Rose Marie is a 15-year-old Quarter Horse mare. She also was loved by her owner, but her owner was overwhelmed with caring for 5 equines and could not provide adequate feed or care for most of them. Rose was brought to Hope’s Legacy September 6, 2020. The vet assessed her as a body score of 1 (out of 9). One of her fellow equines rescued that day collapsed after getting off the trailer and had to be euthanized – that’s how dire their situation was. But thanks to constant care by our volunteer teams, Rose is not only thriving but has been adopted!

This photo of Eloise and Rose exhibits the loving, forgiving nature of our equine companions. These animals can provide many more years of enjoyment, as long as they receive the proper care. They all deserve a second chance at happiness.


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