The Living Earth School fosters deeper connections to self, community, and the world around us through meaningful experiences with nature and highly skilled mentorship.

To mobilize computers and other educational technologies and resources for children in under-resourced African countries to improve teaching and learning.

We have two missions. The main goal of The Free Book Bus is to enable all children and young people to have a home library. Our primary focus is children and young adults who cannot easily afford and/or access books in the Charlottesville, Albemarle, Nelson, and surrounding areas. Our secondary focus is encouragement of reading…

To foster closer relations between the Greene County Library and citizens of Greene County; Educate the public concerning functions, resources, services, and needs of the library; Support and sponsor programs and events which focus on the library, books, and reading; Help make the library as inviting and accessible to all ages through educative and other…

To encourage young people who have already begun to show serious interest in science and engineering and help inspire many of these students to pursue careers in science or engineering and keep our region and the USA competitive internationally.

We foster the youth of Charlottesville through music. The Music Resource Center is a safe, diverse, and creative community where teens learn, grow, and make music together. MRC is affordable to all.

The principal purpose of the Friends of the Library is to raise added funds for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library so that: children and adults at all branches may enjoy programs to enrich their learning, the various collections of the library system may be enhanced, and library branches may receive donations and funding assistance in emergencies.

We developed PTBoard with a single mission: making parents’ lives easier by keeping all their children’s activities in one place.

Committed to socially relevant work, diverse casting, and LGBTQ+ safety and positivity for all of our theater artists.

Charlottesville Catholic School provides a rich and challenging curriculum in a community rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church. The school nurtures students’ God-given gifts, instilling acceptance, respect and compassion; preparing students to be advocates, leaders and stewards; producing collaborators, achievers and creators, to make a positive impact…

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