On Our Own

On Our Own is a peer recovery center that provides adult members of the community with the support, understanding, and resources they need to pursue their own unique paths to recovery. Our services are always free, and our hearts are always open. If you find yourself in need of support, a place to lay your worries, a place to be understood, or just a place to sit with other folks in safety and comfort during a difficult time, we invite you to drop by.

Our house is a place where members are understood, trusted, and valued. It is a place to go for support, and to provide support to others.

Whatever the reason, On Our Own welcomes anyone who needs support. If you are seeking to work things out surrounded by those who are pursuing their own recovery paths, we’re here for you. If you are limited by finances, access, or find yourself “outside the system” in any way, we are here for you. Whoever you are, and whatever your specific issues are, we will do our utmost to give you what aid we can.

All members the On Our Own staff have a lived experience of what it is to struggle with mental health challenges or an addiction. We don’t approach these issues from the outside, but from the inside. We ourselves are pursuing our own particular recoveries. We know what it is like to confront what can sometimes seem like insurmountable challenges, and live through the pain, hopelessness, despair, vexation, confusion, and anger that is often associated with mental health challenges and addiction.

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