Racquets for Reading!!!

Racquets for Reading!!! (RFR) started as our response to COVID-19. Tennis was off the table, but we could still reach kids with healthy eating and reading through Go Bananas for QuickStart! and Scholastic Book Club grants to schools. RFR kicked off on November 1, 2020 and little over six months later we had received funding to provide books and giveaways to more than 2,400 preschoolers and kindergartners in 13 different school systems in central and southside Virginia.

Since we started back in 2009, our goal has always been to improve kids’ lives, especially the under-served, disadvantaged and at-risk. We’ve offered tennis and healthy eating for kids for 12 years and added childhood literacy for preschoolers who participate in Virginia Preschool Initiative programs at public schools two years ago. We planned an expansion to kindergartners about the time COVID showed up.

COVID was a BIG disruption, but even a BIGGER opportunity to do something impactful for the youngest, most vulnerable kids in the communities we serve. The kids get books to keep, to build “home libraries,” mini reading rubber duckies, banana-scented bookmarks and an assortment of Go Bananas! nutrition cards.

Want to be a great adult?
Play tennis! Read books!
Eat healthy! Have FUN!!!
Be a QuickStart kid!


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