As a Guest Registration Volunteer, you will help by: Greeting guests warmly as they arrive at the MFP site Asking each household some information to determine if they have visited the distribution before or if they are a new guest Recording guest information and the visit in the Food Bank’s client database (Link2Feed) on a…

Your donation of non-perishable food or household items will supplement our ‘Extras’ program. In addition to fresh foods and non-perishable staples, EFN visitors may choose from a selection of Extras to complete their order. Our clients particularly appreciate the following items: instant coffee flour, salt, and sugar mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and barbecue sauce salad dressing,…

Friendly Visits provide the member with short-term companionship. Visits can include conversations, reading to the member, playing games, respite time for a care provider, or perhaps a walk. The HSW Buddy program connects volunteers and members more regularly.

Volunteers can assist with minor home maintenance issues such as changing light bulbs, pet care, organizing cupboards or closets, watering plants, helping with minor repairs (leaking faucet, sticky door, etc.), and clearing snow from steps. Members pay for supplies.

Volunteers assisting with Thoughtful Foods pledge their culinary skills to help members needing warm, healthy meals during an unexpected stressful time for the member or their families. The foods are provided for only a short time, usually a few days and no more than two weeks.

This service includes volunteers running errands for a member who needs items picked up from–or taken to–a grocery store, hardware store, the post office, donation sites, a neighbor, etc. When necessary, volunteers may deliver food ordered from local restaurants.

Volunteers can assist with basic set-up, technical and user issues for computers, smartphones, tablets, DVDs, TV remotes, and internet services. Also, help with programmable devices such as light timers and small appliances is offered.

Round trip service to destinations as far east as Charlottesville and as far west as Fishersville. Typical destinations volunteers can serve include local social events, medical appointments and essentials such as groceries, hair appointment, or pharmaceutical needs.

CAYA has a long rewarding relationship with its volunteers. Volunteer support areas include: summer camp volunteers, mentorship, prison ministry, disaster relief, feed our homeless community, and donation processing.

Loaves & Fishes distributes food to clients 4 times each week, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Distributions are done in the parking lot, with groceries delivered to clients in their cars.A small team of volunteers, called Cart Packers, work inside the warehouse to load grocery carts with food for each…

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