Loaves & Fishes distributes food to clients 4 times each week, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Distributions are done in the parking lot, with groceries delivered to clients in their cars.A small team of volunteers, called Cart Packers, work inside the warehouse to load grocery carts with food for each visiting household. The items loaded into the cart vary in weight from light (such as single cans and boxes of cereal) to moderate (such as gallons of milk or 10-pound bags of produce) to heavy (15–20-pound bags or boxes of commodities or produce). Volunteers lift items from all levels of our 3-shelf carts and pallets of varying heights so you will be both reaching high and bending low. Staff provides guidance on what food items and how much each household will receive (based on what we have available).Other volunteers, called Cart Runners, are used outside to deliver fully loaded grocery carts to clients’ cars in the parking lot. Fully loaded carts typically weigh between 150-175 pounds. Clients load their own groceries into their cars, but some may need assistance with heavy items.