If you have talents and resources to share with NGOs serving Veterans and military communities, contact us! We have an organization that needs your support.

CAT needs volunteers to help us find applicable grant opportunities as well as Grant Writers to manage the application processes.

CAT is in need of a Marketing and Communications specialist to manage marketing strategy, to help circulate CAT needs and news to local media outlets, as well as assistance crafting particular media releases, and other public relations activities.

You can support us by donation, volunteering with us to serve as Board Member, or Staff. You can also support us by talking about us to people and institutions that could support our mission.

Want to build a HOWS Project Dog (or Cat) House for a critter in your neighborhood? Maybe you want to build a house for HOWS Project to deliver to a dog on our list? Or perhaps you’re driven to start a project like ours in your community? HOWS Project can help by providing you with…

Volunteers can assist with minor home maintenance issues such as changing light bulbs, pet care, organizing cupboards or closets, watering plants, helping with minor repairs (leaking faucet, sticky door, etc.), and clearing snow from steps. Members pay for supplies.

Volunteers can assist with basic set-up, technical and user issues for computers, smartphones, tablets, DVDs, TV remotes, and internet services. Also, help with programmable devices such as light timers and small appliances is offered.

If you’re interested in using power tools, painting, construction projects, problem solving, and teamwork, we would love to have your help in the Live Arts Scene Shop. Saturday and Tuesday builds are open to volunteers of all skill levels. We build a range of sets each season, sometimes including full scale staircases, rotating platforms, enormous…

Characters a year come to life on the Live Arts stage with the help of our dedicated volunteer team of sewers, cutter drapers, designers, stitchers, organizers, pullers, and dressers. From no experience to tons of experience, the costume shop can be the place for you. Help maintain our costume stock and support the design and…

Collect, sort, and identify benthic macroinvertebrates (bottom-dwelling bugs). Identify some bugs in the lab. Ongoing in Spring and fall. Monitoring one site usually takes 2-4 hours. Lab work is flexible.