Wounded Warrior Weekend

Minus some of the fanfare and raucousness, we were once again honored to host a group of Wounded Warriors in our ongoing quest to let everyone know that there is no barrier to enjoying a fun day on the mountain!

As is painfully clear by now, we are still operating at a limited capacity because of the pandemic and Virginia health rules. And, most important, because we want to keep our students and instructors safe and healthy.

That meant the 17th Annual Wounded Warrior Weekend was a much subdued affair compared to years past. No giant group lunches. No big dinner and banquet. No ability to host dozens of wives, husbands, kids and even grandparents. But it was important to us to soldier on even with the limitations we face. Executive Director Dave Shreve worked tirelessly to line up housing, set up meals for the Warriors and tasty box lunches for the instructors, and oversee a plan that kept everyone outside as much as possible.

We were able to host 10 warriors, including some who came with a family member or two. And there was even a brief snowshower on Saturday to get the lessons started.

So, it while it wasn’t the kind of event we’ve hosted in the past, we were still proud to do what we could with the hand we were dealt.

It was a bit of bummer to host a much smaller gathering while Wintergreen Resort is having a banner snow year. I mean, the place is covered in both natural and manmade show. Every trail is open. Every slope is wide and fun. Our Hut is surrounded by snowbanks. In years past, we sometimes needed a ramp to get bi-skis onto the snow. But this year, the snow is up to the top of our deck, so we just shove them straight out.

Normally, the Wounded Warrior event is our biggest of the year, and I suppose that remained true this year as well. This year, we’re only able to host three students at a time because of our limited space, so putting three times that many on the snow felt like an accomplishment. Thanks to Dave Shreve (again), our training director Andrew Crane, and all the staff and volunteers who made this come together as safely as possible, using multiple staging points and keeping everyone outside pretty much the entire time.

And even though I am sure all the Warriors most enjoyed their lessons with our top-notch instructors the most, some did sneak away for more leisurely pursuits …

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