Building Skills in the Community

For many students at the James C. Hormel School, learning extends beyond academic subjects to cover daily living skills and job skills. Before COVID, K____ and other students had opportunities to practice those skills in internships in the community.
K____’s mother reports that these vocational skills translate directly into benefits at home: “Whenever he gets a chance, he cleans his space, wipes his side of the table off, and straightens the tablecloth. I’ve had to hide cleaning bottles because he would spray down things during his early morning rounds and some things didn’t need the moisture. It is so awesome what the staff at VIA inspires him and the rest of the kids there to do.”
Though the Community Partners Internship Program is currently on hold due to COVID-19, VIA is  excited to continue to build partnerships in the community and give students the opportunity to learn the social, behavioral, and cognitive skills that enable successful employment.
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