Home is where the heart is

As far as nine-month old Joseph was concerned, his great aunt and uncle were his parents, the only ones he’d ever known. Joseph had entered the foster care system as a substance-exposed newborn, and was immediately placed with his great aunt and uncle. Their bond was strong. When other relatives came forward seeking custody, Joseph’s CASA Volunteer researched attachment theory and spoke with an attachment specialist. He wanted to better understand the bond between a child and his primary caregiver. After determining that it would be traumatic to move this boy, he advocated for the great aunt and uncle, who absolutely doted on Joseph, to have custody. Social Services, the GAL, and the parent’s attorneys all asked that custody be transferred to another, more distant family member whom the child did not know. They asked for more time so Joseph could transition to this new family with “the least amount of harm”. His CASA stated that transferring custody to the great-aunt and uncle would cause “no harm.”  The judge ordered custody transfer to the great-aunt and uncle. Thanks to the attention and diligence of our CASA Volunteer, Joseph did not have to endure the painful trauma of being separated from his beloved family. He is safe, secure, happy … and home.

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